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Companion macro for programs using nitrate entrypoint. It creates structs to provide an easy way to access instruction accounts, while being more efficient than using solana_program::account_info::next_account_info iterator.

Getting started

The macro is part of nitrate crate:

cargo add nitrate

[!IMPORTANT] You need to use the custom entrypoint! defined on the crate in order to use the Accounts derive macro.


Annotate your instruction enum with Accounts derive:

#[derive(BorshDeserialize, BorshSerialize, Clone, Debug, ShankInstruction, Accounts)]
pub struct Instruction {
    #[account(0, signer, writable, name="buffer", desc = "The unitialized buffer account")]
    #[account(1, writable, name="recipient", desc = "The account receiving refunded rent")]

    #[account(0, writable, name="asset", desc = "Asset account")]
    #[account(1, signer, writable, name="signer", desc = "The owner or burn delegate of the asset")]
    #[account(2, optional, writable, name="recipient", desc = "The account receiving refunded rent")]
    #[account(3, optional, writable, name="group", desc = "Asset account of the group")]

This will create a module accounts with a struct for each variant (instruction) of the enum:

use nitrate::program::AccountInfo;

mod accounts {
    pub struct Close<'a> {
        pub buffer: &'a AccountInfo,
        pub recipient: &'a AccountInfo,

    pub struct Burn<'a> {
        pub asset: &'a AccountInfo,
        pub signer: &'a AccountInfo,
        pub recipient: Option<&'a AccountInfo>,
        pub group: Option<&'a AccountInfo>,

In your instruction processor, a Context can then be created to access the accounts of an instruction:

let ctx = Burn::context(accounts)?;
msg!("Burn asset: {:?}", ctx.accounts.asset.key());


Copyright (c) 2024 nifty-oss maintainers

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