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A custom lightweight entrypoint for Solana programs

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A custom lightweight entrypoint for Solana programs.

Getting started

From your project folder:

cargo add nitrate

On your entrypoint definition:

use nitrate::{entrypoint, program::AccountInfo};
use solana_program::{

// custom entrypoint definition:
//   1. name of the process instruction function
//   2. expected number of accounts
entrypoint!(process_instruction, 10);

pub fn process_instruction(
    program_id: &Pubkey,
    accounts: &[AccountInfo],
    instruction_data: &[u8],
) -> ProgramResult {
    msg!("Hello from my program!");


The main difference from the standard entrypoint! macro is that nitrate represents an entrypoint that does not perform allocations or copies when reading the input buffer, and therefore uses less compute units to parse the input accounts.

The entrypoint is bundled with a companion macro and program types crates.

[!IMPORTANT] A program can receive more than the specified maximum number of accounts, but any account exceeding the maximum will be ignored. On an ideal scenario, this number should be equal to the number of accounts required by the largest instruction of your program.


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