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A modern command-line tool for creating Minecraft modpacks

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A modern command-line tool for creating Minecraft modpacks

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🛠️ Heavily under development - release candidate versions only

Niterpack is a modern command-line tool for creating Minecraft modpacks. It uses TOML format, which allows the modpack to be easily version-controlled using git or other tools. Because of the command-line nature, it can also be implemented with continuous integration. Its interface is easy to use and is inspired by Rust's package manager Cargo.


  • Easy to use command-line interface
  • TOML format, which can be version-controlled
  • Creating modpacks with mods from Modrinth
  • Building modpacks into a usable installation

More features are yet to be added, and you can request more using the issue tracker.


Currently, you can download pre-built binaries from the GitHub release page or install using Cargo:

cargo install niterpack


Create a new modpack using the init command:

niter init # Creates a new project in the current directory

Add your favorite mods from Modrinth:

niter add <MOD> # Adds a new mod to the current project

Build the project:

niter build # Builds the current project

Your modpack is now available under build/installation.


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or The MIT license at your option.


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