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A tcp (layer 3) internet overlay for ratman networks. Using netmod-tcp requires a router daemon to be configured. Check the examples to see how.

Static peers

A tcp-netmod endpoint can be configured to act as a static peer bouncer, meaning that only pre-configured clients with static IP addresses will be added to the session. New handshakes will be ignored. This is useful when building general infrastructure that shouldn't communicate with too many other peer machines.

Additionally, the endpoint can set the "DO_NOT_ADVERTISE" flag, which means that other endpoints will not try to make it handshake with other endpoints. This is enabled by default and can be turned off for debugging or profiling reasons.

Dynamic handshakes

The alternative run-mode is "dynamic handshakes", which means that a seed-list of peers can then introduce an endpoint to new endpoints if it thinks they should know about each other (the parameters being: it knowing both endpoints, neither setting "DO_NOT_ADVERTISE", and non-trivial packet numbers flowing from one to the other).

Current Testing Methods

Working using qaul-hubd rn:

cargo run -p qaul-hubd -- --peers clients/hubd/peers.txt --port 9001 on one and cargo run -p qaul-hubd -- --peers clients/hubd/peers2.txt --port 9000 on the other.


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