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sys netlib-blas-provider

BLAS/LAPACK provider using the Netlib implementation

8 releases

Uses old Rust 2015

0.0.8 Apr 5, 2015
0.0.7 Mar 30, 2015

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BSL-1.0 license

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FORTRAN Legacy 475K SLoC // 0.6% comments C 136K SLoC // 0.4% comments Python 268 SLoC // 0.1% comments Rust 67 SLoC // 0.1% comments


A crate for statically linking to netlib BLAS. By default, this crate will build and use a bundled BLAS. Building this will require a Fortran and C compiler available. This provides BLAS and LAPACK.

Two Cargo features are supported:

  • system-netlib: don't use the bundled BLAS/LAPACK.
  • blas-only: don't link to LAPACK

Where are all the FFI definitions?

TODO: https://github.com/stainless-steel/libblas-sys