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An emulated NES version of the 6502

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An emulated NES version of the 6502 (which is a 6502 with the BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) functionality removed).

This was originally part of my NES emulator. It is being moved to its own repository to force better decoupling from the rest of the NES code, as well as making it easier to integrate Tom Harte's 6502 Tests which take up a lot of storage space and is only used for testing the CPU.

This cpu is now complete and verified to be correct according to all 256k of Tom Harte's 6502 Tests. These can be ran by running the default binary ($ cargo run).

Running Tests

  1. After cloning the repository, download the json test files by running $ git clone https://github.com/SingleStepTests/65x02 inside the repository.
  2. Run $ cargo run --release to run the tests.


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