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Simplify interaction with NEAR Protocol accounts. High-level abstractions for managing accounts, deploying contracts, and executing transactions on the NEAR blockchain.

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0.1.0-alpha Mar 20, 2024

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The near-accounts is a Rust crate designed to simplify interaction with NEAR Protocol accounts. Building upon the lower-level near-transactions and near-providers crate, it provides developers with high-level abstractions for managing accounts, deploying contracts, and executing transactions on the NEAR blockchain.


  • Account Management: Create and delete NEAR Protocol accounts.

  • Access Key Management: Add and delete access keys for accounts.

  • Contract Deployment: Deploy and call smart contracts.

  • Transaction Handling: Send NEAR and call contract functions with customizable gas and attached deposit.

  • Querying Blockchain State: View account details, contract state, and call view functions on contracts.

  • Asynchronous API: All network interactions are asynchronous, leveraging tokio for efficient concurrency.

  • Builder Pattern: Utilizes TransactionBuilder for a flexible and error-resistant way to construct transactions.

Getting Started

Adding near-accounts to Your Crate

To use near-accounts in your project, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

near-accounts = "0.1.0-alpha"

Ensure you have tokio and other dependencies set up in your project for asynchronous runtime.


Look at deploy_contract.rs example in the examples directory.

async  fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
let signer_account_id: AccountId = utils::input("Enter the signer Account ID: ")?.parse()?;
let signer_secret_key = utils::input("Enter the signer's private key: ")?.parse()?;

let signer = InMemorySigner::from_secret_key(signer_account_id.clone(), signer_secret_key);
let signer = Arc::new(signer);

let provider = Arc::new(JsonRpcProvider::new("https://rpc.testnet.near.org"));

let account = Account::new(signer_account_id, signer, provider);
let wasm_code = read_wasm_file()?;

let result = account.deploy_contract(wasm_code).await;
println!("response: {:#?}", result);


The crate includes examples that demonstrate how to use various features. To run an example, use the following command:

cargo run --example <example_name>

For instance, to test the create_account function:

cargo run --example create_subaccount


We welcome contributions to the near-accounts crate! Please feel free to submit pull requests or open issues to suggest improvements or add new features.


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