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mxclear: $ clear with fashion

mxclear is an alternative to the clear command on Linux or the cls command on Windows. Instead of just boringly ereasing the screen - why not wipe the screen with a matrix flash?



cargo install --force mxclear


Replace clear with mxclear

If you want to: replace the clear command with mxclear:

alias clear=mxclear

In order to enable this for each session, add that line to your ~/.bashrc. To revert this change, simply remove it from the ~/.bashrc and use

unalias clear

The mxclear command

`$ clear` with fashion

Usage: mxclear [OPTIONS]

      --style <style>  Sets the style froma dotted notation [env: MXCLEAR_STYLE=] [default: green]
      --speed <speed>  Sets the intervall between updating a line in milliseconds [env: MXCLEAR_SPEED=] [default: 14]
  -h, --help           Print help
  -V, --version        Print version

Using environment variables

Environment variables can control the style and speed of the "matrix line". Simply set MXCLEAR_STYLE and/or MXCLEAR_SPEED with a value that you could as well provide as a command-line argument.

export MXCLEAR_STYLE=red.bold  # red and bold text
export MXCLEAR_SPEED=80        # intervall of 80 milliseconds


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