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Small music theory library written in Rust with MIDI capabilities

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A Rust small music theory library, featuring:

  • Elementary operations with notes and chords
  • Building chords from scales degrees
  • Scale modes
  • Sequence building with streams
  • Midi real time playing of streams

This is still in active development, things will brake.

  let mut stream: Stream = Stream::new();
  let mut conn_out = midi::get_output_connection("Virtual Midi Bus 1".to_string());
  // Constructing event stream
  let notes = ["A3", "B3", "C4", "D4", "A3", "B3", "C4", "D4"];
  let mut time = Time::new(1, 4, 1);
  let duration = Duration::new(16, 1); // 16th notes

  for n in notes {
      let note = Note::try_from(n).unwrap();
      stream.add_note(note, time, duration);
      time = time + duration;

  // Real time play of events
  stream.play(&mut conn_out, 120.0, 4); // midi_connection, beat per minute, beats per bar

How to use

Add mumuse lib crate to your Cargo.toml file.

mumuse = "version"

Browse the examples/ folder in order to see capabilities of the library.
Also, you can check the documentation.


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