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multi lingual demo website in Rust

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Multi Lingual

Experimenting multi lingual support on a website.

How to use it

  1. Clone or download this app from github.
  2. Edit Settings.toml file to update ip address
  3. Edit dictionaries.csv file to update required entries into it.
    a. First row is used for conveying Language Names with respective codes in brackets. Example: For english language => English(en), For tamil language, Tamil(ta_en), and so on. Note: ta_en_ indicates tamil language using English font/glyph.
    b. Second row onwards entries are made for Key-words and Language-words.
    c. Keys are used in html template pages. Example: in first_page.hbs file, these keys are used as {{key-word}}
  4. Copy following files/folder into a separate folder, say "~/projects":
    a. target/release/multilingual file.
    b. Settings.toml file
    c. resources folder
    d. multilingual.service file (to configure this server as a service)
    e. multilingual.eastgate.in file (in case of planning to run multiple servers on the same machine, use this nginx configuration)
  5. Edit multilingual.service for ip address. Follow instructions in it to run it as a service.
  6. Edit multilingual.eastgate.in for ip address. Follow instructions in it to configure nginx reverse proxy server.
  7. Assuming an entry in Settings.toml file for ip_address as, open up a web browser and enter url as http://localhost:3020. Browser shows first page of the multilingual web server. It confirms server is running.


Click here to view demo.




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