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Cheatsheet for your programming languages

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A way to use Learn X in Y Minutes on the command line.

I look up languages often on this page, and I thought it would be nice to make it similar to man pages in linux, so I wrote a small script.

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Install with command: cargo install xny

If that is not possible you can download a binary from releases and put in path.

Install from source

git clone git@github.com:YesSeri/xny-cli.git

cargo build --release

# put file in path.


# default viewer is less
xny python

# use bat as viewer
xny python --viewer bat

# list all languages
xny -s

--viewer bat would show the output in bat, the cat clone which syntax highlights. It is of course possible to pipe the content into bat, but then you need to set the syntax highlighting manually.


Big thank you to the creator of Learn X in Y!


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