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bin+lib mrs-matrix

A multiplatform Rust clone of cmatrix

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1.0.2 Jun 22, 2022

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A multiplatform Rust clone of cmatrix.

Unlike the original cmatrix, supports both Windows and most flavors of Linux. May also support macOS, though this is untested.

Installation instructions

  1. Install rust using rustup (this installs cargo, the Rust Package Manager)
  2. Clone this repository locally with git clone https://github.com/generic-user1/mrs-matrix.git
  3. Enter the directory of the repository with cd mrs-matrix
  4. Install the project with cargo install --path .
  5. Run your newly compiled binary with mrs-matrix. To get a list of possible options, run mrs-matrix --help

Note that the project can be run without installation using cargo run --release. Any arguments to mrs-matrix when running through cargo must be prefixed by -- (e.g. cargo run --release -- -c blue)


As a user, you likely won't have to worry about these as cargo will take care of downloading and building them for you.

  • crossterm for multiplatform terminal control.
  • coolor for color management.
  • rand for random number generation.
  • clap for command-line argument parsing.


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