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The official command-line interface for the makedeb Package Repository

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This is the repository for the MPR CLI, the official command-line interface for the makedeb Package Repository.

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Users have a few options for installing the MPR CLI:

From the Prebuilt-MPR

This is the recommended way to install the MPR CLI. It avoids the need to compile any software, allows for automatic upgrades via APT, and gets you set up in just a couple of minutes.

First, set up the Prebuilt-MPR on your system, then just run the following to install the MPR CLI:

sudo apt install mpr-cli

From the MPR

You can also install the MPR CLI directly from the MPR if you'd prefer that.

To install from source, run the following:

git clone 'https://mpr.makedeb.org/mpr-cli'
cd mpr-cli/
makedeb -si

From crates.io

If for whatever reason you'd like to install from crates.io, that's also an option:

cargo install mpr

Note that the MPR CLI has tight integration to APT-specific features, so don't count on it working outside of any Debian/Ubuntu based distributions.

The MPR CLI needs the latest version of the Rust compiler toolchain in order to build. It may work with older releases, but they're not tested against and aren't guaranteed to work. If you're system's repositories don't contain the latest release, the Rust toolchain can be installed from the MPR or the Prebuilt-MPR.


If there's something you want added/fixed in the MPR CLI, feel free to open a pull request. There aren't many guidelines on what you should do quite yet, so just submit your changes and we can figure out what to do from there!


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