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A WebGL2/WASM Game Library written in the Rust programming language

2 releases

0.1.1 Jul 26, 2022
0.1.0 Mar 28, 2022

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MIT license



A Game library written with Rust, compiled to WebAssembly and rendered with WebGL2. Intended to be used as my final year project.

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Requires node.js and npm to be installed. If you do not already have these installed, a manager like nvm is HIGHLY recommended.

Run Demo

Download the latest package from this repo.

Install light-server using npm install -g light-server

In the root directory of the downloaded folder, run light-server --serve .


Click anywhere on the Canvas to control the demo, and Esc to leave it

Key Control
W Move Forward
A Move Left
S Move Backward
D Move Right

Mouse movements to look around


Install Rust and wasm-pack

Install Rust using rustup

Check that Rust installed successfully using rustc --version

Install wasm-pack.

Ensuring npm is up-to-date

Make sure your version of npm is up-to-date with npm install npm@latest -g

Clone this repository

Either use a client/download this repo as a zip or clone using git clone https://github.com/polarvoid/moon-engine.git

Final setup

Switch to the moon-engine/moon directory.

cd moon-engine/moon

Build the wasm file. The initial run might take a while. Subsequent builds should be faster.

wasm-pack build

On a non-Windows system, you will have to change the slashes used in the include_str!() macro from \ to /. Otherwise, rustc might throw an error at you.

Switch to the www directory and install the node packages.

cd www
npm install

To run a live development server, use the command npm run start

To build the application, use npm run build. The files will be stored in a folder called dist/ within the www directory.


"Matilda" by nicolekeane is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

Icons made by Icongeek26 from www.flaticon.com.


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