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Support crate for writing Monotron applications

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0.5.0 May 5, 2019

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Monotron Application Binary Interface

This crate allows you to write applications for the Monotron. Think of this like the Linux kernel syscall ABI, or the MS-DOS programming API, but designed for applications written in Rust, better suited to a system with very few resources and not as well developed.

The crate provides a entry pointer of the format:

pub static ENTRY_POINT: fn(*const Table, *mut Context) -> i32 = entry_point;

This pointer is placed at the bottom of the memory address range reserved for applications (0x2000_2000). Monotron will jump to the function pointed to by this pointer at application start time, and pass in a structure full of callback pointers. These pointers can be used by the application to call various OS functions. This crate wraps all that up into a Host object, on which the application can call methods, e.g.:

Host::puts(b"Hello, world!");

If you compile for a non bare-metal target, you get an SDL2 window which contains a pixel perfect rendering of the Monotron screen. Be aware though that the screen only updates if you call wfvbi(), so do that in your main loop.

This crate compiles as a static library which you can also link against C applications if you prefer to use C instead of Rust - see monotron.h for the C compatible declarations.


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