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Monoio Route

Yet another high-performance route library written in Rust.

use monoio_route::Tree;

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let mut router = Tree::new();
    router.insert(b"/home", "Welcome!")?;
    router.insert(b"/users/:id", "A User")?;
    router.insert(b"/message/:id", "A Message")?;
    router.insert(b"/:module/:id", "Other Module")?;
    router.insert(b"/*any", "Other Path")?;

    let (val, params) = router.at(b"/users/978").unwrap();
    assert_eq!(params.iter().find(|(k, _)| k == b"id").unwrap().1, b"978");
    assert_eq!(*val, "A User");

    let (val, params) = router.at(b"/some_module/978").unwrap();
    assert_eq!(params.iter().find(|(k, _)| k == b"id").unwrap().1, b"978");
    assert_eq!(params.iter().find(|(k, _)| k == b"module").unwrap().1, b"some_module");
    assert_eq!(*val, "Other Module");

    let (val, _) = router.at(b"/typo").unwrap();
    assert_eq!(*val, "Other Path");


Like the well-known matchit, but different in:

  • Support register param route and catch all route at the same path.
    • Matching priority: static > param > regex > catch_all
  • Support regex route(in the future).
  • Not support bare param or catch all.
  • Syntax changed to style like go httproute({param}->:param, {*any}->*any).