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A modernized Vigenere algorithm

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0.1.2 May 13, 2022
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0.1.0 Apr 25, 2022

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Please check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigen%C3%A8re_cipher for a brief definition of the Vigenere cipher.
As you can see, this encryption/decryption is based on shifting the letters, based on a en/de-cryption phrase.
But time has changed since the 16th century:
The dominent way to pass information, is not via paper (using the alphabetic letters) any more.

Today, we use files ( and not only ASCII-files ).
So this modernized lib does not shift alphabetic letters but bytes !

Therefore this lib can be used to en/de-crypt not only ASCII-files, but any kind of files (yes, even binaries).


simply add

modernized_vigenere = "0.1"

into the Cargo.toml file of your project.
Then you can use the crate in your code.


  • encrypt, using parameters <input-file> <cipher-phrase> <output-file>
  • decrypt, using parameters <input-file> <cipher-phrase> <output-file>

simplest Example

should be

use modernized_vigenere;

fn main() {
  modernized_vigenere::encrypt("/usr/bin/ls", "This is the en/de-cryption phrase","/tmp/ls_encrypted" );
  modernized_vigenere::decrypt("/tmp/ls_encrypted", "This is the en/de-cryption phrase", "/tmp/ls_decryted" );

when executed, it writes the encrypted ls-binary to /tmp/ls_encrypted,
and the decrypted version of /tmp/ls_encrypted to /tmp/ls_decrypted:

$ cksum /usr/bin/ls /tmp/ls_encrypted /tmp/ls_decryted
4050025970 146392 /usr/bin/ls
2888056681 146392 /tmp/ls_encrypted
4050025970 146392 /tmp/ls_decryted


Thank you too everyone who participated in the development of rust, cargo, atom or any crate.

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