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disk usage for IBM Spectrum Scale file systems

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Disk usage for IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) file systems.

  • uses mmapplypolicy instead of universal directory traversal

    This can be considerably faster, especially for large directories, because it uses file system internals and can use extensive parallelism. See the respective command-line options in --help output for more information.

  • aims to be CLI compatible with du from coreutils

    Not all options of du are supported yet. Some defaults are still different.

Run with -? for concise help and --help for full help.

Motivation and Usage

The main motivation is a speedy alternative to du due to mmapplypolicy being much faster then universal directory traversal.

But because mmapplypolicy can not be run as a regular user, it is advisable to set up timer or cron jobs to run this as a service for users and groups. You could set up timers that run mmdu --max-depth x for each /data/dir and save the output to /data/dir/disk-usage.txt. Users could configure the depth and then check the output with sort -h /data/dir/disk-usage.txt. This avoids that users have to do their own slow-running du -sh and avoids that stress to the file systems.


cargo install

cargo install mmdu

from source

git clone https://github.com/idiv-biodiversity/mmdu.git
cd mmdu
cargo build --release
install -Dm755 target/release/mmdu ~/bin/mmdu


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