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A Linux pidfd wrapper for mio. This is useful for using mio to wait for multiple child processes to exit in a non-blocking event-driven way.

Heavily inspired by mio-timerfd


use mio_pidfd::PidFd;
use mio::{Poll, Events, Token, Ready, PollOpt};
use std::process::{Command, Child};

let poll = Poll::new().unwrap();
let mut events = Events::with_capacity(1024);
let mut child = Command::new("/bin/sleep").arg("1").spawn().unwrap();
let pidfd = PidFd::new(&child).unwrap();

poll.register(&pidfd, Token(0), Ready::readable(), PollOpt::edge())

poll.poll(&mut events, None).unwrap();
assert!(child.try_wait().unwrap().unwrap().code().unwrap() == 0);


This library relies on the pidfd_open() system call which was introduced in Linux kernel version 5.3. The pidfd_send_signal() system call (used by supplementary kill() functionality) was introduced in Linux kernel version 5.1


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