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A library to get information about running processes - for Mac OS X and Linux

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This is a library for getting information about running processes for Mac OS X and Linux.

Using it

extern crate libproc;
use libproc::libproc::proc_pid;

match proc_pid::pidpath(pid) {
    Ok(path) => println!("PID {}: has path {}", pid, path),
    Err(err) => writeln!(&mut std::io::stderr(), "Error: {}", err).unwrap()


Online code docs


At the moment these methods have been implemented:

Process / PID related

pub fn listpids(proc_types: ProcType) -> Result<Vec<u32>, String> (macos) (linux)
pub fn listpidspath(proc_types: ProcType, path: &str) -> Result<Vec<u32>, String> (macos) (linux)
pub fn pidinfo<T: PIDInfo>(pid : i32, arg: u64) -> Result<T, String> (macos)
pub fn regionfilename(pid: i32, address: u64) -> Result<String, String> (macos)
pub fn pidpath(pid : i32) -> Result<String, String> (macos) (linux)
pub fn libversion() -> Result<(i32, i32), String> (macos)
pub fn name(pid: i32) -> Result<String, String> (linux) (macos)
pub fn listpidinfo<T: ListPIDInfo>(pid : i32, max_len: usize) -> Result<Vec<T::Item>, String> (macos)
pub fn pidcwd(pid: pid_t) -> Result<PathBuf, String> (linux)
pub fn cwdself() -> Result<PathBuf, String> (linux)

File and FileDescriptor related

pub fn pidfdinfo<T: PIDFDInfo>(pid : i32, fd: i32) -> Result<T, String> (macos)

PID Resource Usage related

(Added in Mac OS X 10.9 - under "macosx_10_9" feature)

pub fn pidrusage<T: PIDRUsage>(pid : i32) -> Result<T, String> (macos)

Kernel Message Buffer - kmsgbuf

pub fn kmsgbuf() -> Result<String, String>


cargo build builds the following binaries:

  • procinfo that takes a PID as an optional argument (uses it's own pid if none supplied) and returns information about the process on stdout
  • dmesg is a version of dmesg implemented in rust that uses libproc-rs.


Mac OS X (10.5 and above) and Linux.

Mac OS X Versions

Calls were aded to libproc in Mac OS X 10.7 and again in 10.9. This library can be compiled to not include those calls by using rust features to enable/disable support for those versions.

The default build is for Mac OS 10.9 or later. See:

default = ["macosx_10_9"]
macosx_10_7 = []
macosx_10_9 = ["macosx_10_7"]

in Cargo.toml

To build for versions prior to Mac OS 10.7 disable the default features by passing --no-default-features to cargo.

To build for Mac OS X 10.7 (or 10.8) you can enable that feature alone using --no-default-features --features "macosx_10_7"

Build and Test

cargo test should build and test as usual for rust projects.

However, as some functions need to be run as root to work, I run travis-CI tests as root. So, when developing in local it's best if you use sudo cargo test. NOTE: This can get you into permissions problems when switching back and for between using cargo test and sudo cargo test. To fix that run sudo cargo clean and then build or test as you prefer.

In order to have tests pass when run as root or not, some tests need to check if they are root at run-time (using our own am_root() function is handy) and avoid failing if not run as root.

Input Requested

  • Suggestions for API, module re-org and cross-platform abstractions are welcome.
  • How to do error reporting? Define own new Errors, or keep simple with Strings?
  • Would like Path/PathBuf returned when it makes sense instead of String?


See the list of issues. I put the "help wanted" label where I need help from others.

  • Look at what similar methods could be implemented as a starting point on Linux
  • Complete the API on Mac OS X - figuring out all the Mac OS X / Darwin version mess....
  • Add more documentation (including samples with documentation test)
  • Add own custom error type and implement From::from to ease reporting of multiple error types in clients


This code is licensed under MIT license (see LICENCE).


You are welcome to fork this repo and make a pull request, or write an issue.