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Fork of the chess crate (github.com/jordanbray/chess). This one has a unique set of bugs useful for certain applications; prefer to use the upstream crate.

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0.1.3 May 7, 2021
0.1.1 Apr 23, 2021
0.1.0 Apr 23, 2021

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A Fast Chess Library In Rust

This is a fork of github.com/jordanbray/chess with a unique set of bugs useful for certain applications; use this crate at your own risk, and prefer using the upstream crate to this one.


Rust Chess Library

This is a chess move generation library for rust. It is designed to be fast, so that it can be used in a chess engine or UI without performance issues.


This generates all the moves on the starting chess position, and checks that the number of moves is correct.

use minorhacks_chess::{Board, MoveGen};

let board = Board::default();
let movegen = MoveGen::new_legal(&board);
assert_eq!(movegen.len(), 20);