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Small static site generator using Jinja templates

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0.1.0 Dec 11, 2023

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Publish static sites using MiniPub. It uses Jinja templates, has built-in web server for development and renders Markdown. Publishes sites using rsync. All written in Rust.


cargo install minipub
mkdir example
cd example
minipub init
minipub serve

You can now open http://localhost:8000 in a webbrowser and see the result. Refresh the page every time you make changes.

The following directories have been created by the init command:

  • assets: to store all files which should be included without any processing, such as images, CSS, favicon etc.
  • templates: contains all HTML templates. At the start it contains single basic template names base.html to get you started.
  • content: contains all the content which should be rendered using the templates. The hierarchy of the files in here also reflects the hierarchy of the end result. The files should be .html files and should extend one of you templates.


minipub build can be used to generate all web pages in a build directory. To publish your site copy the contents of this directory to the destination and also do not forget to copy all your assets.

To do both in one go and copy the files using rsync use minipub publish.


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