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A lightweight and efficient Jinja compiler for SQL generation

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MiniDT: A Simple Yet Powerful Jinja Compiler for SQL

MiniDT is a lightweight and efficient tool designed to leverage the power of Jinja2(MiniJinja) templates for generating SQL queries. It serves as a versatile alternative to heavier frameworks like dbt, offering flexibility without the need for complex setups or database connections.

Perfect for situations where dbt is too much, and raw SQL falls short.

As simple as:

Getting Started


To install MiniDT, clone the repository:

git clone git@github.com:xRSquared/minidt.git


  • Streamlined Workflow: Write your SQL code and compile with ease.
  • Flexible Templating: Enjoy the power of Jinja2 templating without the complexity.
  • Lightweight and Fast: With minimal setup requirements and optimized performance, MiniDT keeps your workflow agile

Why MiniDT?

MiniDT acts as a convenient wrapper around Jinja, enhancing it with syntax enhancements and optimized workflows. Whether you're driven by the need for simplicity, restricted by company policies, or simply seeking to supercharge your SQL templating capabilities, MiniDT is your go-to solution.

Jinja + SQL = ❤️


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to submit bug reports, feature requests, or pull requests via GitHub.


MiniDT is licensed under the MIT License.


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