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[CLI] Extremely fast and smart HTML + JS + CSS minifier

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CLI for minify-html.


minhtml [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [inputs]...
  • -o, --output <output>: Output destination; omit for stdout
  • <inputs>...: Files to minify; omit for stdin. If more than one is provided, they will be parallel minified in place, and --output must be omitted


Arg Description
--do-not-minify-doctype Do not minify DOCTYPEs. Minified DOCTYPEs may not be spec compliant
--ensure-spec-compliant-unquoted-attribute-values Ensure all unquoted attribute values in the output do not contain any characters prohibited by the WHATWG specification
-h, --help Prints help information
--keep-closing-tags Do not omit closing tags when possible
--keep-comments Keep all comments
--keep-ssi-comments Keep SSI comments
--keep-html-and-head-opening-tags Do not omit <html> and <head> opening tags when they don't have attributes
--keep-spaces-between-attributes Keep spaces between attributes when possible to conform to HTML standards
--minify-css Minify CSS in <style> tags and style attributes
--minify-css-level-1 Use optimisation level 1 for the CSS minifier
--minify-css-level-2 Use optimisation level 2 for the CSS minifier. May perform some dangerous optimisations
--minify-css-level-3 Use optimisation level 3 for the CSS minifier. May perform many dangerous optimisations
--minify-js Minify JS in <script> tags that have a valid or no type attribute value
--remove-bangs Remove all bangs
--remove-processing-instructions Remove all processing_instructions
-V, --version Prints version information


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