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no-std midpoint

Extension traits offering implementations of midpoint [currently, only for primitive integers]

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0.1.5 Feb 1, 2022
0.1.4 Feb 1, 2022
0.1.3 Jan 31, 2022

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Midpoint two-place function

Two-place midpoint function is the function returning an average of two values, such as values of signed or unsigned integer types, floating point types, or pointer types.

This library provides several implementations of two-place midpoint function [currently, only for primitive integers] with different properties (performance, generality, and rounding behavior) whereas the GitHub repo of the lib offers the design document, tests, runnable benchmarks, and pre-generated criterion.rs performance reports.



midpoint = { version = "0.1.5" }

# Read more about features here: https://doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/reference/features.html#dependency-features
all = ["const_trait_impl", "const_fn_trait_bound", "unchecked_math", "const_inherent_unchecked_arith"]
const_trait_impl = ["midpoint/const_trait_impl"]
const_fn_trait_bound = ["midpoint/const_fn_trait_bound"]
unchecked_math = ["midpoint/unchecked_math"]
const_inherent_unchecked_arith = ["midpoint/const_inherent_unchecked_arith"]


use midpoint::MidpointViaPrimitivePromotionExt;

// With features = ["all"] or 
// features = ["const_trait_impl", ...] the call can be
// performed in constant context, such as const fn
let result: i32 = (-7).midpoint_via_primitive_promotion(&-2);
assert_eq!(result, -4);


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT license at your option.
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