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Metrics Controller is a project to collect metrics for Mozilla IOT projects

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0.1.4 May 16, 2016

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Build Status

  • |cargo test| -- builds the library and the main target for testing, runs unit tests
  • |RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --features integration| -- builds the library and the main target for testing, runs integration tests in serial
  • |cargo clean| -- cleans out the target
  • |cargo build| -- builds just the library
  • |cargo doc| -- creates 'rustdoc' documentation


run |multirust default nightly| then |multirust override nightly-2016-09-21| to make sure you have the correct rust version.

Extra steps for Mac OS X

The metrics lib requires an up-to-date openssl library. In order to make sure you have the correct library, we recommend you install brew and run:

brew install openssl
source tools/mac-os-x-setup.source.sh

Raspberry Pi

To cross-compile the metrics library for Raspberry Pi:

docker run -it russnicoletti/metrics_controller-pi
cd metrics_controller
cargopi build


The metrics library uses the env_logger package for logging functionality. Two notable features of this package are:

  • The log messages are written to stderror
  • An environment variable is used to determine the log level

The environment variable specifying the log level is CD_METRICS_LOG. For example, to set the log level to info when running the example program, the command line would be:

CD_METRICS_LOG=info target/debug/examples/main

This will enable info-level logging for the metrics library and all rust modules used by the metrics library. To limit the logging to metrics library messages, use the env_logger filtering mechanism and specify the prefix included in metrics library log messages -- CD-METRICS:

CD_METRICS_LOG=info/CD-METRICS target/debug/examples/main

And, of course, to redirect the log messages to a file:

CD_METRICS_LOG=info/CD-METRICS target/debug/examples/main 2> log

Javascript Implementations

Nodejs module

The cd-metrics nodejs module is the nodejs implementation of the CD metrics library. See ./examples/node_demo.js for sample usage of the cd-metrics module.

Browser-based module

./dist/metrics.js is a browser-based javascript implementation of the CD metrics library. See ./examples/index.html for sample usage.


Unit tests

run cargo test

Integration tests

To run the integration test:

1.  Install chai: |npm install chai|
2.  Install mocha: |npm install mocha|
3.  Load test/metrics_test.html in a browser.  

Note that the test may take up to 3 minutes to execute as it's verifying the data was received at the server.

C interface

There is a C interface that can be used from C and Java applications.

To utilize this:

  1. Run |cargo build|
  2. This will create a target under ./target/debug/libmetrics_controller.dylib (Mac), .so (Linux), or .dll (Windows).
  3. Refer to ./examples/ffi_test.c for an example of how to invoke the library and for instructions to run the sample.


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