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Find approximate solutions to your optimisation problem using metaheuristics algorithms

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Find approximate solutions to your optimisation problem using metaheuristics algorithms

The aim of this crate is to host various Metaheuristics algorithms. Patches implementing useful algorithms most welcome.

The documentation for this crate can be found here.

What are Metaheuristics

Metaheuristics are a class of stochastic optimisation algorithms. These type of algorithms rely on randomness to jump around the search space, then sample where they land for possible solutions. In simple terms, metaheuristics are structured trial and error.

If you've got a trial and error problem, and individual trials can be compared and ranked against each other, Metaheuristics may be your most viable option at getting good results.

For more information, please see the Metaheuristics Wikipedia article, and Essentials of Metaheuristics.

How can I use this crate

By implementing the Metaheuristics trait, the algorithms within the following modules will be available to you. To see an example implementation, check out the Travelling Salesman Problem crate.


let solution = metaheuristics::hill_climbing::solve(&mut problem, runtime);


Please report any bugs or feature requests at:

Feel free to fork the repository and submit pull requests :)


Alfie John <alfie@alfie.wtf>



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