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A simple GUI system for use with the quicksilver game engine

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0.1.0-alpha0.8 Nov 28, 2020
0.1.0-alpha0.7 Aug 20, 2020
0.1.0-alpha0.5 Jun 6, 2020
0.1.0-alpha0.3 May 23, 2020
0.0.1 Nov 30, 2019

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Since quicksilver is no longer actively developped , I no longer use it. As a result, I also stopped using Mergui. I will still respond to pull requests and the like, but don't expect any new features from me.

A simple gui system for the quicksilver engine, originally developed for Arena keeper and later ported to quicksilver 0.4 to be used in my yet to be named card game .

However, I try my best to not let those 2 games shape Mergui and instead focus on how to make Mergui work the best for every game written in Quicksilver.


When I first started with Quicksilver I couldn't find a gui system that worked with it. The result being predictable, every game made their own GUI system which often didn't go further than a button.

After I did the same for Arena keeper and discovered problems with mine I decided to rewrite it and publish it as its own crate so others won't have to.


There are multiple widgets. The 3 most important ones are

  • Button.
  • Dropdown
  • Text input field.

For a complete list and how to use them, see the examples. Examples/all.rs has most listed, but doesn't show how to read the state of them. You can also see the examples in action here


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