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0.5.2 Feb 22, 2022
0.5.1 Feb 21, 2022
0.5.0 Jan 3, 2022
0.4.3 Nov 1, 2021
0.2.4 Aug 12, 2021

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A lovingly designed system and static publishing tool for your plain text Zettelkasten

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mdzk is a plain text Zettelkasten system that is based on the mdBook API. It consists of specialized preprocessors for handling key features such as wikilinks, backlinks and front matter, all tied together in the mdzk CLI. mdzk allows you to use whatever text editor you prefer - be it Obsidian, Vim, Visual Studio Code or even Notepad. You can view your notes with live updating as you edit them, have them automatically published to GitHub Pages on push and much more.


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