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A tool that makes creating tables in markdown much easier!

5 stable releases

Uses old Rust 2015

1.1.1 Jul 7, 2019
1.0.2 Jun 29, 2019
1.0.1 Jun 3, 2019
1.0.0 Jun 1, 2019

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Command line tool for generating markdown tables from CSV-formatted data.

Demo gif

See also the Crates.io page.


The program expects each row of the table as rows in the input, i.e rows separated by newlines. Each element is separated by a , (or another value see flag -s). This can either come from a file or from stdin. If from stdin you can signal the end of the table by either EOF or by an empty line (i.e hitting enter twice).

Here are some example cli usages:

mdtable table.csv -o mdtable.md
mdtable table.csv > mdtable.md
cat table.csv | mdtable > mdtable.md

See Options for a full description of the program arguments.

For examples of input and corresponding output see examples.md


If you're a rust programmer, e.g you have cargo installed, simply do:

cargo install mdtable-cli

If you don't want to download rustc and cargo you can download the binary directly from the releases page. Put it in a folder in your path, for example /usr/local/bin.

Building from source

If you don't trust random binaries from github you can build it yourself from source:

git clone git@github.com:AxlLind/mdtable-cli.git
cd mdtable-cli
cargo build --release
cp target/release/mdtable /usr/local/bin/


    mdtable [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [FILE]

    -h, --help        Prints help information
    -m, --minimize    Minimizes table output
    -V, --version     Prints version information

    -o, --out <FILE>            Prints output to this.  [default: stdout]
    -s, --separator <STRING>    Separates values.       [default: ,]

    <FILE>    Reads table tables from this. [default: stdin]