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A mdbook backend for generating SATySFi documents

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Status of Rust Bookshelf

note: The PDF file was generated by manually runnig the satysfi command.

  • ✅ compiles successfully
  • ❌ compilation fails/not yet attempted
Source Generate SATySFi Generate PDF Online Version
Rust Programming Language HTML
Mdbook User Guide HTML
Rust By Example HTML
Edition Guide HTML
Rustc Book HTML
Cargo Book HTML
Rustdoc Book HTML
Rust Reference HTML
Rustonomicon HTML
Embedded Rust Book HTML



Cargo install + Configuration

cargo install mdbook-satysfi

Add the following toml configuration to book.toml.


The next mdbook build command will produce SATySFi file in the book/satysfi/ directory.


To uninstall mdbook-satysfi, enter the following in a shell:

cargo uninstall mdbook-satysfi

Then delete the [output.satysfi] configuration in book.toml:

- [output.satysfi]

Build PDF file


To install opam, satyrographos and SATySFi, see this link.

To install satysfi-class-mdbook-satysfi, run the following command :

opam update
opam install satysfi-class-mdbook-satysfi
satyrographos install


Add the pdf = true configure in [output.satysfi] table:

+ pdf = true


Please run :

satysfi book/satysfi/main.saty

note : SATySFi does not support image formats other than JPEG. So if you are using a format other than JPEG, please replace it manually.

Primary Dependencies

mdbook-satysfi is built upon some really wonderful projects, including:

(c) 2021 Naoki Kaneko (a.k.a. "puripuri2100")


~688K SLoC