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Preprocessor for mdBook, which styles stage play scripts

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0.5.0 Sep 4, 2021
0.4.0 Mar 6, 2021
0.3.2 Feb 5, 2021
0.2.0 Jan 30, 2021
0.1.0 Jan 30, 2021

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An mdBook preprocessor for writing stage play scripts. The library crate of this preprocessor is mdplayscript.

If you are a Japanese user, read Japanese README, would you?


License is changed in the version 0.3.0.

The source codes written in Rust and CSS files are licensed under MPL-2.0.

Markdown files in examples/figaro/ are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, because they are copied from WikiSource and formatted by the author of this crate.

Markdown files in examples/torikaeshi/ are in public domain, because they are copied from Aozora Bunko (in Japanese) and formatted by the author of this crate.


You can install this preprocessor with cargo:

cargo install mdbook-playscript

Other installation methods are not provided now.


You can use mdbook-playscript preprocessor by adding the following config to your book.toml. You must specify the additional-css for the HTML backend by hand.

command = "mdbook-playscript"

additional-css = ["mdplayscript.css"]


The README of mdplayscript explains basic notations.

An example of a source of a book preprocessed with mdbook-playscript is placed in examples/figaro. The generated example is hosted on github pages.


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