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mdbook preprocessor to add a open-on-git-repo link on every page

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A preprocessor for mdbook to add an edit link on every page. Forked and adapted from mdbook-open-on-gh to add support for other platforms than github.com such as a self-hosted GitLab instance.

It adds a customisable link (default: "Edit this file on GitHub.") on the bottom of every page, linking directly to the source file. It uses the configured git-repository-url as the base.


Install using Cargo or grab a binary from the release page and place it somewhere in your $PATH.

Add it as a preprocessor to your book.toml:

command = "mdbook-open-git-repo"
renderer = ["html"]

Add a repository URL to use as a base in your book.toml:

git-repository-url = "https://github.com/organization/repo"

Repos hosted on either github.com or gitlab.com will automatically be detected. If you are using eg. a self-hosted GitLab instance, you must specify the type of host:

source-control-host = "gitlab"

The default content generated is the following:

Found a bug? <a href="https://git.host.com/repo/project/branch/edit/chapter.md">Edit this file on GitHub.</a>

Both the text before and inside the <a> tag may be customised:

edit-text = "Something not right?"
link-text = "Fix it immediately!"

Which would produce the following output:

Something not right? <a href="https://git.host.com/repo/project/branch/edit/chapter.md">Fix it immediately!</a>

To style the footer add a custom CSS file for your HTML output:

additional-css = ["open-in.css"]

And in open-in.css style the <footer> element or directly the CSS element id open-git-repo:

footer {
  font-size: 0.8em;
  text-align: center;
  border-top: 1px solid black;
  padding: 5px 0;

This code block shrinks the text size, center-aligns it under the rest of the content and adds a small horizontal bar above the text to separate it from the page content.

Finally, build your book as normal:

mdbook path/to/book


Original code Copyright (c) 2020 Jan-Erik Rediger janerik@fnordig.de.


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