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Easy, relevant, and efficient client-side search for static sites.


Morsels is a client-side search solution made for static sites, depending on a pre-built index generated by a CLI tool.

Some similar tools in this space are Stork and TinySearch. Morsels does the same, with a focus on providing a more feature rich and relevant search experience, while remaining easy to get started with for common use cases (e.g. single domain static sites).


  • Feature-rich, Relevant Search 🔍: spelling correction, automatic prefix search, boolean and phrase queries, BM25 scoring, proximity scoring, persistent caching, and more.
  • WebAssembly & WebWorker powered, enabling efficient, non-blocking query processing
  • Multi-threaded 🏇 CLI indexer powered by Rust
  • Semi-Scalable, achieved by optionally splitting the index into tiny morsels, and complete with incremental indexing.
  • A customisable, accessible user interface 🖥️
  • Support for multiple file formats (.json,csv,pdf,html) to satisfy more custom data requirements.

Getting Started

Powering static site search with Morsels is extremely easy, and requires just a folder of your HTML files — titles, headings, and other text are automatically extracted. Links to your pages are automatically generated based on your folder structure, but can also be manually specified.

1. Installing the indexer

If you have the rust / cargo toolchains setup, simply run cargo install morsels_indexer --vers 0.7.3.

Alternatively, download the cli binaries here.

2. Running the indexer

Run the executable as such, replacing <source-folder-path> with the relative or absolute folder path of your source html files, and <output-folder-path> with your desired index output folder.

morsels <source-folder-path> <output-folder-path>

3. Installing the Search UI via CDN

Add the following resources to your pages:

<!--  Search UI script -->
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ang-zeyu/morsels@v0.7.3/packages/search-ui/dist/search-ui.ascii.bundle.js"></script>
<!-- Search UI css, this provides some basic styling for the search dropdown, and can be omitted if desired -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ang-zeyu/morsels@v0.7.3/packages/search-ui/dist/search-ui-light.css" />

If you wish to host the files, you can find them in the <output-folder-path>/assets directory generated by the indexer, or in the releases page.

4. UI Initialisation

Give any <input> element in your page an id of morsels-search, then call:

  searcherOptions: {
    // Output folder URL specified as the second parameter in the cli command
    // URLs like '/output/' will work as well
    url: 'http://<your-domain>/output/',
  uiOptions: {
    // Input folder URL specified as the first parameter in the cli command
    // This is where the generated result preview links will point to,
    // and where you host your site.
    sourceFilesUrl: 'http://<your-domain>/source/',


The user guide, which also uses Morsels for its search function, can be found here.

Check out the website here as well!


This project is MIT licensed.


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