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mdBook preprocessor to parse markdown metadata

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mdBook Metadata Preprocessor

mdBook preprocessor to parse markdown metadata.

Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started
  2. License
  3. Contact

Getting Started

  1. Install the cli tool:

    cargo install mdbook-metadata
  2. Add the preprocessor to your book.toml file:

    valid-tags = ["title", "author", "keywords", "released"]
    default-author = "Jane Doe"
    continue-on-error = true # default: true
  3. Add metadata to your markdown file:

     title: Example
     author: Your Name
     keywords: tag1, tag2
     released: false
     # Example
  4. Build your book and serve it locally:

    mdbook serve --hostname
  5. Verify the rendered html head tags are correct (title and meta).


Copyright (C) 2024 Jefferson Johannes Roth Filho. See LICENSE for more information.


Jefferson Roth - jjrothfilho@gmail.com

Project Link: https://hub.docker.com/r/jeffroth/mdbook-metadata

crates.io: mdbook-metadata


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