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mdBook preprocessor for providing the path to a chapter based on its name.

Getting Started

First, install the mdbook-chapter-path crate

cargo install mdbook-chapter-path

Then, add the following line to your book.toml file:


Once done, you can now use {{#path_for $NAME_OF_CHAPTER}} to insert the path (relative to SUMMARY.md) to that chapter.

E.g. If you have a chapter named "Whatever" located at "foo/whatever.md", the markdown {{#path_for Whatever}} will replace that with /foo/whatever.md.

This even works for anchor links, e.g. {{#path_for Whatever#an_anchor}} will replace that with /foo/whatever.md#an_anchor.

This is useful because it means the link will survive moving files around.


mdbook-chapter-path will use whatever is listed in output.html.site-url as the base path for all links, defaulting to '/'.

Additionally, you can enable strict mode. If this is set to true, mdbook-chapter-path will exit with an error whenever it encounters a duplicate chapter name. This defaults to false, meaning that duplicate chapter names are allowed.

⚠️ Without strict mode enabled, if you have multiple chapters with the same name (case-insensitive), then mdbook-chapter-path will provide the path for whichever chapter is listed last in the book.

strict = true


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