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mdBook backend for AsciiDoc generation

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0.1.0 Oct 21, 2023

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A backend for mdbook that outputs AsciiDoc.


To use, install the tool

cargo install mdbook-asciidoc

and add it as a backend in book.toml:



The following configuration values can be set in book.toml.

Name Type Default Description
allow-asciidoc boolean false Cope with some AsciiDoc constructs included in the Markdown source when set.
heading-offset integer 0 Extra offset to apply to heading levels.
skip-chapters string "" Comma-separated list of filenames to ignore when generating AsciiDoc.

AsciiDoc Passthrough

When the allow-asciidoc config option is set, AsciiDoc in the source document can be included as the content attribute of an <asciidoc> HTML-like tag, to prevent it being interpreted by Markdown.

For example, four underscores are used in AsciiDoc to delimit block quotations, but would also be interpreted as a horizontal rule in Markdown if not escaped:

    <asciidoc content='____'></asciidoc>


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