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Platform agnostic Rust driver for the Microchip MCP3425/6/7/8 ADC

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Rust MCP3425/6/7/8 Driver

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This is a platform agnostic Rust driver for the MCP3425 (and newer variants MCP3426/MCP3427/MCP3428 as well), based on the embedded-hal traits.

Docs: https://docs.rs/mcp3425

Introductory blogpost: https://blog.dbrgn.ch/2018/3/13/rust-mcp3425-driver/

The Device

The Microchip MCP3425 is a low-current 16-bit analog-to-digital converter.

The device has an I²C interface and an on-board ±2048mV reference.

Details and datasheet: https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/aemDocuments/documents/OTH/ProductDocuments/DataSheets/22072b.pdf

Variants MCP3426/7/8 are very similar, but support multiple input channels. They are supported as well, but require to enable one of the following Cargo features:

  • dual_channel for MCP3426/7
  • quad_channel for MCP3428


  • Support one-shot measurements
  • Support continuous measurements
  • Configurable sample rate / resolution
  • Configurable gain (PGA)
  • Configurable channel (only MCP3426/7/8)
  • Handle saturation values (high and low)
  • Docs


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