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MaybeXml is a library to scan and evaluate XML-like data into tokens. In effect, the library provides a non-validating parser. The interface is similar to many XML pull parsers.


The purpose of the library is to provide a way to read XML documents including office suite documents, RSS/Atom feeds, config files, SVG, and web service messages.


Using tokenize()

use maybe_xml::{Reader, token::{Characters, EndTag, StartTag, Ty}};

let input = "<id>123</id>";

let reader = Reader::from_str(input);
let mut pos = 0;

let token = reader.tokenize(&mut pos);
if let Some(Ty::StartTag(tag)) = token.map(|t| t.ty()) {
    assert_eq!("id", tag.name().local().as_str());
    assert_eq!(None, tag.name().namespace_prefix());
} else {
assert_eq!(4, pos);

let token = reader.tokenize(&mut pos);
if let Some(Ty::Characters(chars)) = token.map(|t| t.ty()) {
    assert_eq!("123", chars.content().as_str());
} else {
assert_eq!(7, pos);

let token = reader.tokenize(&mut pos);
if let Some(Ty::EndTag(tag)) = token.map(|t| t.ty()) {
    assert_eq!("</id>", tag.as_str());
    assert_eq!("id", tag.name().local().as_str());
} else {
assert_eq!(12, pos);

let token = reader.tokenize(&mut pos);
assert_eq!(None, token);

// Verify that `pos` is equal to `input.len()` to ensure all data was
// processed.

Using Iterator functionality

use maybe_xml::{Reader, token::Ty};

let input = "<id>123</id><name>Jane Doe</name>";

let reader = Reader::from_str(input);
let mut iter = reader.into_iter().filter_map(|token| {
    match token.ty() {
        Ty::StartTag(tag) => Some(tag.name().as_str()),
        _ => None,

let name = iter.next();
assert_eq!(Some("id"), name);

let name = iter.next();
assert_eq!(Some("name"), name);

assert_eq!(None, iter.next());


cargo add maybe_xml

By default, the std feature is enabled.

Alloc only

If the host environment has an allocator but does not have access to the Rust std library:

cargo add --no-default-features --features alloc maybe_xml

No allocator / core only

If the host environment does not have an allocator:

cargo add --no-default-features maybe_xml


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT License at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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