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nightly maskerad_memory_allocators

custom allocators, for memory fragmentation prevention

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Uses old Rust 2015

5.2.0 Feb 27, 2018
5.1.0 Feb 9, 2018
4.0.2 Jan 29, 2018
3.1.2 Jan 27, 2018
2.0.1 Jan 1, 2018

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maskerad memory allocators

custom allocators, for memory fragmentation prevention.

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License: MIT License

This library is nightly-only and provides:

  • a stack-based allocator

This allocator is a vector-like data structure, which asks n number of bytes from the heap when instantiated.

  • a double-buffered allocator

It is a structure holding two stack-based allocators. One is active, the other is inactive. When we allocate/reset with this allocator, the active stack-based allocator allocates/reset memory. We can swap the allocators, the inactive one becomes active.

This library was made to prevent memory fragmentation. The allocators preallocate memory from the heap, and we use those allocators to create objects.

More informations

See the github repository for more informations on this crate.

You can find the documentation here.