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Implementation of the card game SET

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Marmoset   License: GPLv3

Marmoset is a single-player implementation of the card game SET®. It uses GTK+ 3 and is written in Rust.

In addition to the classic SET® rules, Marmoset provides another game variant called SuperSet that uses the same deck. Other features include a beginner's deck (solid cards only), undo and redo, hints, and a color palette intended to be playable by people with color vision deficiencies.

See Quickstart for gameplay rules.

Marmoset Gameplay


Check out the code and run cargo build --release.

Desktop File and Icon

To install the desktop entry for Marmoset on Linux, edit org.nybble.marmoset.desktop so that the Icon=~/marmoset/icon.svg entry reflects the actual path to icon.svg on your system, then:

cp org.nybble.marmoset.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

Make sure the executable target/release/marmoset is somewhere in your $PATH.


In addition to the Marmoset app, there are three command line programs that use the same underlying library. These were written to answer questions about Set and SuperSet gameplay, and to generate card images for documentation.


The count program generates all possible deals to determine the smallest hand that is guaranteed to contain a SuperSet. The conclusion is that any deal of 10 cards will contain at least one SuperSet. This result informed the layout and behavior of the SuperSet variant in Marmoset.

Run count with cargo run --release --example count -- [OPTIONS].

	count [OPTIONS]

	-h, --help       Prints help information
	-V, --version    Prints version information

	-t, --threads <THREADS>    Sets number of threads


The simulate program simulates games using classic SET® rules. It tallies the number of hands that contain no Sets and the number of cards remaining when the game ends. This program was used to determine how often a game was likely to get wedged with 18 cards in play. Since this turned out to be exceedingly rare (approximately once every 1.6 million games), Marmoset always guarantees that an 18 card deal contains at least 1 Set. This means we only need 18 card positions on the tableau rather than 21.

Run simulate with cargo run --release --example simulate -- [OPTIONS].

	simulate [OPTIONS]

	-h, --help       Prints help information
	-V, --version    Prints version information

	-g, --games <GAMES>        Sets number of games to simulate (default: 1_000_000)
	-t, --threads <THREADS>    Sets number of threads


The genpng program generates a PNG image for each card in the Marmoset deck.

Run genpng with cargo run --release --example genpng -- [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <DIRECTORY>.


	-c, --classic-colors       Uses classic SET colors
	-v, --render-vertically    Orients cards vertically
	-h, --help                 Prints help information
	-V, --version              Prints version information

	-b, --border <BORDER>    Sets the border width in pixels
	-w, --width <WIDTH>      Sets the card width in pixels

	<DIRECTORY>    Sets the directory in which to place the images


Marmoset is released under the GNU General Public License v3.


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