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app manage_relay_users

gRPC extension for the nostr-rs-relay to manager allowed users

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0.2.0 Jul 27, 2023
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Manage relay users gRPC Server


gRPC Extensions for nostr-rs-relay

gRPC authz server for nostr-rs-rely. Admits events based on whether they have been allowed by the relay admin.

Build and Run

This package is an extension of nostr-rs-relay and the instructions here assume the relay exists in ./nostr-rs-relay/

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Rust, if you installed with rustup:
rustup update
  1. Clone and compile
git clone https://github.com/thesimplekid/manage-relay-users.git
cd manage-relay-users
cargo build -r
  1. Edit the config file.
vim config.toml

Add a secret key. Categorized People Lists from this key will update the allowed and denied users. If the users are updated via http api this extension with publish an update list, this enables the extension to restore from the lists stored on configured relays.

Uncomment the grpc and db_path lines.

  1. Edit the config of the relay
cd ../nostr-rs-relay
vim config.toml

Find the line with event_admission_server

# event_admission_server = "http://[::1]:50051" <---- this line

Uncomment this line and change it to reflect your local setup that matches the grpc config you used above. For example:

event_admission_server = ""
  1. Run You will need to use screen or tmux or a different terminal tab so that you can run two processes. Start the relay manager first:
cd ../manage-relay-users
./target/release/manage_relay_users --config config.toml

In a different terminal on the same system:

cd ../nostr-rs-relay
RUST_LOG=warn,nostr_rs_relay=info ./target/release/nostr-rs-relay --config config.toml

Managing Users

Via Nostr

Allowed and Denied pubkeys are maintained in two Categorized People Lists. The nsec set in the config file is used by clients to publish list an allow list and a deny with the format set in NIP-51.

The users can be updated by sending a http `POST` to the  `/update` endpoint with a json body with the following format.
This extension with publish an updated Categorized People List with the updated users.

    "allow":, [<32-bytes hex of a pubkey>,  <32-bytes hex of a pubkey>, ...],
    "deny": [<32-bytes hex of a pubkey>, <32-bytes hex of a pubkey>, ...],

There is also a GET endpoint with at /users that will return json of the same format with allowed and denied users.

If the relay has nip42 enabled it will use the authenticated pubkey if not the author pubkey of the note will be used.


Code is under the BSD 3-Clause License


I can be contacted for comments or questions on nostr at _@thesimplekid.com (npub1qjgcmlpkeyl8mdkvp4s0xls4ytcux6my606tgfx9xttut907h0zs76lgjw) or via email tsk@thesimplekid.com.


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