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nightly no-std malloc-bind

A tool to implement the C malloc API using a Rust allocator

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Sep 3, 2017

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The malloc-bind crate provides bindings for the C malloc API. Given an implementation of the Rust Alloc trait, it produces implementations of the C malloc API (malloc, free, realloc, etc) and defines extern "C" functions that can be used to produce a C shared object file.


Bindings for the C malloc API to Rust allocators.

This crate provides a mechanism to construct a C allocator - an implementation of malloc, free, and related functions - that is backed by a Rust allocator (an implementation of the Alloc trait).

In order to create bindings, two things must be provided: an implementation of the Alloc trait, and an implementation of the LayoutFinder trait (defined in this crate). Since the C API does not provide size or alignment on free, but the Rust Alloc API requires both size and alignment on dealloc, a mapping must be maintained between allocated objects and those objects' size and alignment. The LayoutFinder provides this functionality.