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This is Ironfish, Makepad Framework's first complete example application. It is developed by This Is Not Rocket Science under a MIT license.

Ironfish is a feature rich synthesizer which includes

  • various advanced oscillator types (i.e. Harmonic and Hyper Saw)
  • common filters
  • multiple effects (i.e. delay, chorus and bitcrusher)
  • midi support
  • a playable on screen keyboard
  • live audio visualization
  • a playful grid sequencer

The application showcases these Makepad Framework features:

  • the layout system
  • available stylable widgets
  • cross platform support (Ironfish runs on desktop, mobile and web for which it utilizes AudioWorklets)
  • the small download footprint of Makepad applications, which makes the synthesizer load virtually as fast in browsers as it does on desktop
  • the framework's shared memory Wasm features
  • the ability to even run complex heavy duty applications smoothly

Installation Instructions

To install and run Ironfish, simply run the following command:
cargo install makepad-example-ironfish; makepad-example-ironfish


If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on our discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/urEMqtMcSd=


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