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A LZSS en-/decompressor CLI (lossless data compression, in pure Rust)

2 unstable releases

0.9.0 Feb 1, 2023
0.8.0 Jun 7, 2021

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MIT license

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Lempel–Ziv–Storer–Szymanski de-/compression

Lzss-cli is a cli interface to the lzss crate.


cargo install lzss-cli


lzss <'e'|'d'> <ei,ej,c>

Either 'e' or 'd' to en-/decode. ei,ej,c are the compression parameters, see the lzss crate for more information about that.


lzss e 10,4,0x20 <input >outout

Lack of a header

This algorithm has by design no header at all. Please be aware that it is not possible to check if the contents is correct, or even the length matches. It is recommended to add a header based on the requirements.

Thus, this may be not a suitable program for you, but it is easy to create an own program - use this as a starting point.