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app lwa_unity_unpack

Simple CLI tool for unpacking the unitypackages

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License: MIT crates.io crates.io

Simple CLI tool for unpacking the unitypackages.

Also allows auto convert of the FBX files to GLTF during unpacking. For that download the tool from here and pass the path to executable file as --fbx-to-gltf argument value.

Program for unpacking unitypackages files

Usage: lwa_unity_unpack.exe [OPTIONS] --input <INPUT> --output <OUTPUT>

  -i, --input <INPUT>              .unitypackage file to extract
  -o, --output <OUTPUT>            target directory
  -f, --fbx-to-gltf <FBX_TO_GLTF>  optional- path to the tool that will auto convert fbx files to gltf during unpacking
          checks if material base texture in prefabs differ from the one specified in fbx model that is converted to GLTF and overrides it with the one from prefab and copy texture to models folder
      --ignore-extensions <IGNORE_EXTENSIONS>
          optional- extensions that will be ignored during unpacking
          copy meta files alongside regular files
  -h, --help                       Print help
  -V, --version                    Print version

lwa_unity_unpack -i "C:\\PROJECTS\\lwa_unity_unpack\\POLYGON_Snow_Kit_Unity_2020_3_v1_4.unitypackage" -o "output" -f "C:\\tools\\FBX2glTF.exe" --ignore-extensions "mat" --ignore-extensions "prefab"


It can be downloaded by going to Releases page.

It can be also installed using Rust Cargo:

cargo install lwa_unity_unpack


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