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A super simple 2d-graphics engine that handles windowing and events for you! Right now it's supposed to be a top secret! Shhhhh

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.2 Sep 1, 2016
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0.0.4 Oct 25, 2015
0.0.2 Aug 12, 2015
0.0.1 Nov 20, 2014

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A 2d game engine built with a focus on user-frendliness and speed.

Lux is a 2d game engine for Rust programmers that makes deploying as simple as cargo build. The entire Lux dependency stack can be built using Cargo, so never worry about dependency hell ever again!


Lux can create native windows on OSX, Windows, and Linux (iOS, Android, and web browsers coming soon). All mouse and keyboard input is captured and is exposed to the game developer in two ways:

  1. A iterator of event objects (
  2. Input device queries (window.mos_pos(), window.is_key_pressed('A'))

2d Graphics

Lux offers an intuitive and safe graphics API that makes developing 2d games completely painless! The API can be used in an entirely stateless maner, and resources are automatically cleaned up when no longer in use. We use OpenGL and OpenGL ES under the hood, so most platforms are supported already or are being planned.

Game Loop (optional)

Simply by implementing the update(..) and render(..) methods on the Game trait, you'll be given a robust game loop with a fixed-time update and lag compensation.



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