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A collection of db drivers for the lunatic runtime

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0.1.2 Nov 17, 2022
0.1.1 Nov 17, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 17, 2022

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A collection of Rust db drivers for lunatic.

The following db drivers are available at the moment:

  • MySQL
  • Redis

Redis client

At the moment there's a fairly well working redis driver which is largely based on https://github.com/redis-rs/redis-rs with working examples for the following features:

  • Various set/get behaviour
  • Geospatial functions
  • Pub/Sub functionality
  • Queues support
  • Streams support
  • Familiar API surface as in redis-rs
  • Tls support (not tested because I don't have a TLS redis instance setup yet)

You can find the redis examples under lunatic-redis/examples and there are commands to run them in the root ./Cargo.toml

In order to make the driver more robust there are still some things to do, namely:

  • make all tests work (requires a rewrite of test utilities)
  • Add automatic reconnections to clients
  • Make sure multiplexing works reliably (e.g. same client used from multiple lunatic processes)
  • Add cluster support
  • Provide an idiomatic pubsub API for lunatic abstractions (not yet settled on how exactly it should look like)

MySQL client

The MySQL client is less tested at the moment, partially because the original crate also doesn't provide that many examples. The code is largely based on https://github.com/blackbeam/rust-mysql-simple.git and has some internal connection-related details changed in order to work on the lunatic VM.

There is an example of the client working at examples/mysql.rs

The next steps for MySQL are the following:

  • more extensive testing of the library
  • TLS support


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