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A unique 2D-pixel art renderer with heightmaps to simulate 3d shadows.


This is the best example I have for now, the renderer is capable of much more than this, but I'm not a great artist. If this video doesn't load you can view it here.


Here is a static scene: image


This crate is cross-platform.


I re-export the Winit crate because it is necessary for window management.

Getting Started

You can find the crate here and download it using cargo add lumenpyx. Check out the discord, we've got a help channel. Check out the wiki, the docs for this library are kept there. I will keep updated as time goes on. If there is anything that you would like a docs page for let me know!


Contributions are welcome! Start by filing an issue and we can work forward from there! If you're not sure what to work on but you want to help Join the discord and ping me, I'm happy to help!


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