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Handlebars template CLI that allows for passing in values to replace place holders in file. It can also do more complex things like pass in an input json file and output a file or send it to stdout. It also converts yaml to json and ini to json that is then feed into handlebars for normal template features.

3 releases

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.6 Nov 28, 2016
0.1.5 Nov 28, 2016
0.1.3 Nov 28, 2016

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Handlebars Template CLI

Install via Cargo:

cargo install lsiotemplate


Clone and build as a normal Rust binary

Homebrew and other packages will come later

Uses handlebars template language to allow you add template variables to files and then dynamically replace them via the command line or via an input JSON or YAML or INI file and then output the results to a file or stdout.

Very useful for build environments that need to change based on data.

Uses handlebars since it's the most widely used for Rust code and works well in a server and client environment (using javascript).


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